You Say Succulents, We Say Fat Plants

Succulentssometimes referred to as fat plants, are lush, juicy plants that have the ability to store water internally. This survival technique has allowed them to adapt to arid living conditions. These brilliant plants come in thousands of sizes, shapes and colors and are truly some of nature’s best works of art. Learn more about what a succulent is here.

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Succulent gardening is addictive.

Everything Succulent

Living Succulent WreathWe are building this site to share our passion of succulents with you, discuss our gardening mistakes and to show you what has been successful for us.  There is a ton of information out there and we would be fools to think that everything we know about fat plants is fact.

What we write on our site will be our opinion and our lessons learned. We will always source our facts and appreciate your comments, feedback and corrections! Welcome to our wonderful world of succulent bliss.

What to Expect at Fat Plants

Buy Succulents Online

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Succulent Identification

SucculentsWhat is the name of that plant growing in your yard? Some succulents are very hard to correctly identify. There are so many hybrids out there, it is easy to get confused. Another identification challenge may be the variety of ways that these fantastic plants respond to different environments.

The easiest way to identify your cactus and succulents is by their flower. That isn’t always something that you can do quickly. Learn how we do, or try to, name our plants. Succulent Identification

Succulent Projects and Ideas

Plant a birdcage, birdbath or an old fountain with succulents.

Make a living succulent wreath from cuttings.

Make a hypertufa planter and fill it with fat plants.

Create a living wall from an old crate.

Fabulous Succulent Photography

Fred Ives

All of the succulent plant photographs on our website were taken by Fat Plants and in our own gardens unless otherwise noted. Your feedback is always appreciated. Let’s learn something together.

Watch some of our favorite succulents grow in our time-lapse photo galleries. Some of our plants seem to change overnight!


Propagation by leafThere are so many ways to propagate plants. I wish I had known years ago how we could have created a garden with as much variety as we have now and spent 75% less money buying large plants! Coming soon we will have a tutorial on how you can propagate your succulents.

Thank you for visiting our website. It is always a work in progress so check back often for updates!

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