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shipping a little piece of our hearts out to cutting at a time


Fat Plants San Diego started as a fun hobby for two ladies in 2009. Both women had been lifetime gardeners, so the friendship began as more of a “plant competition” between the two. They joined plant clubs and drove miles upon miles to find new nurseries together. They built small greenhouses in competition to see who could grow the most exotic species.

Every weekend, they would show each other some of their new discoveries and by 2013 their yards were over flowing with thousands of succulents and cactus. Everyone in the neighborhood was familiar with the luscious gardens, but not many had seen the gorgeous works of art that they had been created from the basic trimmings they had laying around from maintaining their gardens.


Lining the walls and fences of their jungle-like gardens were birdcages and orbs and wreaths all chocked full of gorgeous, eye-popping, cascading succulent plants. One of them had a palm tree that was covered with succulents growing in moss tucked in the old leaf prongs 12-feet up the tree. Each built a true succulent oasis. When a neighbor asked how much they charged for a Succulent filled birdcage, the women looked at each other and smiled. Fat Plants San Diego was born!

We now have a small nursery, a shipping warehouse and the ability to send a little bit of what we love across America.



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