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Baby's Necklace (Crassula, 4")
Crassula Baby Necklace is one of the most striking yet adorable succulents. This little, sweet succulent bears puffy and plum leaves. Since it looks more like intertwined beads on baby�s necklace, this plant look extremely beautiful.
If you talk about its matured height, Crassula Baby Necklace stays quietly small and grows only up to 12-inches. This way, it forms clumps of upright stems that emerge up to the same height. However, these captivating stems looks even so amazing when adorn fresh white flowers in the blooming season.

Baby's Necklace (Crassula, 4")

  • The Crassula Baby Necklace is resistant to drought. However, make sure to water the plant when the soil is dry to touch and do not water it again until it drains completely. Make sure the water does not sit in the bottom of the plant pot or else it will lead to rot and cause fungal diseases to your plant. In hot season, water the Crassula Baby Necklace once in a week. However, in winters, make sure to water it only once in three weeks.
  • Crassula Baby Necklace loves to stay in sunny locations but they cannot tolerate the scorching sun. Therefore, make sure to keep the plant into a spot that receives morning sunlight and becomes shady in afternoon.