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Bear Paw (Cotyledon Tomentosa, 4")
Cotyledon Tomentosa, or also known as Bear�s paw, is one of the most adorable members in the succulents family. It has a peculiar thick, ovate fuzzy green leaves with prominent dark red toothed edges that resemble the claws of a bear and velvety coating, this little fella does an awesome job in adding beautiful contrast and unique texture to any space. 
Bear�s paw has a low, shrub-like growing habitat that can reach over 30cm in height and usually produce a large orange bell-shaped flowers during spring. Although Cotyledon tomentosa is fairly easy to take care of, their leaves are quite fragile.

Bear Paw (Cotyledon Tomentosa, 4")

  • The bear paw stores water in its thick leaves for possible periods of drought. They can last a long time without water. Generally, water when the soil has completely dried out.
  • Bear paws like lots of light. Indoors give your bear paw plant as much light as possible. The best spot is a bright south-facing window where it gets about six hours of indirect sunlight every day. If it gets a lot of bright sun light, the tips of the leaves turn a deep red color.