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Burro's Tail (2")
Donkey's tail (Sedum morganianum) is a popular succulent with rows of fleshy, tear-drop shaped leaves, blue-green in color. Native to Honduras and Mexico, mature specimens grow slow and steady but can reach trailing lengths of up to 4 feet long in six years' time (though the average length is closer to 24 inches). They are most commonly grown as potted plants, often suspended as hanging specimens.

Burro's Tail (2")

  • When it comes to watering your donkey's tail succulent, less is more. Like many succulents, donkey's tail is drought resistant once established, so you'll want to water it more frequently during its spring and summer growing season, then taper off throughout the fall and winter months. Generally, opt for a single heavy watering each month if your plant is indoors, increasing to once every two or three weeks if you're housing your succulent outdoors. A good rule of thumb: The soil of your succulent should dry out completely in-between waterings. Check the soil with your finger to make sure the soil is dry at least an inch down before watering the plant.
  • As with many succulents, donkey's tail thrives best with lots of warm sunlight, though it will tolerate a partial shade location. If you're choosing to house your plant indoors, opt for a sunny windowsill that boasts several hours of daily light. If you're growing your succulent outdoors, place it in a pot or spot in your garden that gets plenty of morning sunlight but is partially shaded during the more aggressive afternoon hours to avoid scorching its leaves.