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Crinkle Leaf (Adromischus Cristatus, 2")
Crinkle leaf plants (Adromischus cristatus) are easygoing, unique-looking succulents that make excellent additions to your home or garden. The crinkle lead plant is a small and slow grower characterized by its fleshy, triangular, gray-green leaves that grow upward out of a central base and are crinkled at the top. The leaves of the crinkle leaf plant are covered in tiny hairs, giving them a fuzzy appearance. The plant typically blooms on a tall stem with small, tubular, reddish-white flowers in the spring.

Crinkle Leaf (Adromischus Cristatus, 2")

  • Crinkle leaf plants don't need excessive water to survive, and overwatering can lead to root rot and leaf loss. Wait until the soil has dried out between waterings. Crinkle leaf plants usually require watering every one to two weeks from spring to fall. Reduce watering over the winter only to just enough moisture to keep the leaves plump. It's much easier for a crinkle leaf plant to recover from underwatering than overwatering.
  • While they can tolerate partial shade, crinkle leaf plants prefer full sun, meaning at least six hours of direct sunlight. However, during the hottest parts of the year, they benefit from shade in the harsh afternoon sun. Crinkle leaf plants should be placed near a bright, south-facing window when grown indoors. You also can sunlight with an artificial growing light.