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Ivory Towers (Mini Crassula, 4")
Our miniature crassula"Ivory Towers" hybrids are known to be a hybrid between Crassula Perfoliata Var. Minor and Crassula "Moonglow". As this plant grows it will turn more gray-silver with upright, stacking leaves. This slow growing beauty is easy for beginners and as with most succulents requires less water than most plants. Too much water will kill your towers quickly from the root up. This crassula likes to be in bright light and does better outdoors. All of our succulents are greenhouse grown and should be slowly acclimated to full sun positions to avoid burn. Ivory towers can survive temperatures down to freezing however they much prefer to be kept in temperatures above 40 degrees F. Sunlight or a grow light is required for this plant to be happy. You can expect springtime flowers and easy propagation from seed or cuttings.

Ivory Towers (Mini Crassula, 4")

  • Water only when soil feels dry to the touch and then drain completely. Never let the plant sit in water.
  • Bright light, but not direct sunlight.