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Trailing Jade (Peperomia Rotunifolia, 4")
The trailing jade plant may be similar to a crassula ovata plant however it is unrelated. Otherwise known as senecio jacobsenii or kleinia petraea this trailing plant makes a wonderful potted plant that will trail up to 4 feet in length or can be used as a ground cover. Leaves are spoon shaped and green however they will turn shades of purple in bright sun or if exposed to cooler temperatures. Super easy to propagate using cuttings this is a fantastic plant for any beginner looking to try a fun new succulent. Your plant will arrive fully rooted in a 4 inch standard plastic growers pot. We highly suggest replanting it after a 7 day resting period into a larger pot. Water only when the soil is dry and enjoy indoors or outdoors in a bright place.
**FOR HEATED SHIPPING** If you live in an area where low temperatures will fall below freezing we highly suggest STANDARD SHIPPING at checkout. We are only able to send FREE REPLACEMENTS for frozen plants if the customer selects STANDARD SHIPPING. Heat packages add 1 lb of weight which increases shipping cost by over $7. If your plant arrives with any frost damage and you selected STANDARD SHIPPING at checkout please send a photo of the plant via your Amazon account for a free replacement.
Plants will arrive in individual gift packaging with cushioning. Every plant is fully rooted and planted in soil in a plastic growers pot. Our plants ship directly from our greenhouse to your home.
Plants may vary from the product photo based on time of year and availability.
Please refer to product description for more information about each trailing succulent.
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Trailing Jade (Peperomia Rotunifolia, 4")

  • Overwatering is the worst offender for most Peperomias including this species. This is because of its succulent nature and small roots . Allow the soil to become dry then water thoroughly. During the winter reduce watering to a minimum. Better too little than too much.