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UniHeat 60 Hour heat packs
If you live in a cold zone please purchase a heat pack to ensure your plants arrive warm and safe. 
We do not add any extra shipping cost when this is added to your plant package. We will open and add these to any Succulent purchase with this add on. 
if purchased alone without succulents these will come sealed and ready to use. 
60+ Hour Multi-Function Jumbo Warmer
• Designed for reliable and steady heat release for 60 hours. Great for overseas shipping. 
• Best for over two days shipping
• Same features as 40 Hr. Warmer
• Are easy to set up with color indicator
• Are labor and time saving, no kneading
• Produce moist heat for ideal temperature
and humidity
• Are non-toxic, environmentally safe, and
easy to dispose
• Provides an average warmer surface temperature of 100 degrees F. (38 C)
• Perfect for shipping live insects, reptiles, tropical fish, flowers etc. 
Heat packs are not guaranteed to keep animals alive in all temperatures. Please use good judgement when packing live animals for shipping.

UniHeat 60 Hour heat packs